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Josette Chambers

Author of "When Stained Glass Shatters"

When the hunter's arrow mortally wounds its intended victim, it also pierces the hearts of those who stand close.

When Stained Glass Shatters by Josette Michelle Chambers

Order your copy at Alchemy Media Publishing

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When in the midst of a global pandemic, we don't surrender, we improvise (while staying safe)! YOU ALL ARE INVITED TO OUR VIRTUAL ART, BOOK & WINE-DOWN @ 7 PM EST ON SUNDAY, APRIL 11!!! Please keep checking for details about the mixed drink du jour - I'll be opening my favorite wine - so you'll be ready when NY artists Art Java and Tony, and I discuss and show our respective works. Links for purchases will be up and running, too! Hope to see you there!! Keep checking for links, THE cocktail recipe, and other updates!

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